I first started a blog with big ambitions almost two years ago. I was getting ready to move to Guatemala to volunteer with a nonprofit with no end date in sight. I wanted to share with all my supporters, friends and family what I was doing. I had visions of posting cool adventures and all the awesome visits with kids. And then I moved down here. We didn’t really have many events with the mentors or kids until 3 months after I moved. I spent my days in the office trying to figure what exactly a development person does and staring at my computer screen. My biggest adventures were finding a coffee shop, the supermarket and occasionally braving the big market – but only if my roommate was with me. I felt like I had very little to share.

In the meantime, I was exploring my new city more, doing visa runs to other countries and exploring Guatemala. I had a lot of cool things to share, but I was worried if I shared all the cool things I did not pertaining to my nonprofit work, I would lose supporters. I’m 100% self-funded, meaning I fundraise the funds necessary to do the work that I do with the youth of Guatemala. And I didn’t want the side perks of doing what I do (i.e. visa runs to Belize) to distract or put off my potential or current donors from my #1 priority: working with the kids of Guatemala City.

So I was frozen in no mans land and took no action. I turned into an ostrich and stuck my head in the sand and pretending like the blog didn’t exist. And then a few months ago, I slowly brought it back out again to talk about camp season. But I feel like I have a lot more to share. And I feel like I can talk about travel, international volunteering, culture and tips while also doing justice and prioritizing the work I am doing with the kids.

So without further ado, I present to you my new travel and nonprofit blog. I’ll be sharing the places near and far that I’ve traveled to as a part of living here, while also sharing stories from my work with the kids and tips and tricks of how to travel and volunteer internationally like a pro.

I bring an interesting take to travel blogs. I’m from the US and uprooted and replanted myself in the culture of another country, living like the locals. I bring a service perspective to my blogging and want to educate my readers on what is going on in Guatemala. All while being able to travel due to an odd amount of Guatemalan holidays and having to renew my visa every 90 days. So, read on and explore the adventures of Serve to Travel. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates!