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Month: December 2016

What They Don’t Tell You About Long-Term Volunteering

Volunteering abroad long-term is an amazing experience. You gain the opportunity to travel abroad, experience new cultures, learn new languages and push your personal boundaries. In volunteering abroad, you’re able to use your skills to make a difference in the world. You make memories and friendships that will last with you for a lifetime. There are so many reasons to go abroad to volunteer long-term (but that’s a post for another day). But, there are some things they don’t tell you about long-term volunteering. And, as someone who went abroad to work with non-profits, I wish there is a more honest conversation about the positives and negatives of volunteering abroad. Continue reading

Off the Grid…for a Good Cause

Went off the grid to work on a Nonprofit project

So, I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I haven’t posted anything in a while. Aside from the unexpected publishing of my collaboration article – and sharing that – I’ve been off the grid lately. I didn’t mean to, but I got a bit distracted with another project. As all of you know, I am based out of Guatemala where I work alongside a nonprofit working with at-risk youth. I’m a jack of many trades with them: administrator, ‘mother’ to the kids, disciplinary, strategist, etc. One of the many hats I wear is in their development area. And, with the end of the year almost here, I found myself behind schedule with organizing their fundraising strategies. Continue reading

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