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Lake Atitlan Villages

When I first began to research Lake Atitlan villages almost two years ago, there wasn’t a lot of diverse information. Lake Atitlan is a massive lake with 15 small villages surrounding it. What I could find online basically said every village was  gringo town with a little variety here and there. Now, I’ve been back and forth to the lake probably 10 times. Here is what I wish I knew about the Lake Atitlan Villages when I first went.

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Kentucky, When it’s Not Derby Season

Visit bourbon distilleries if in Kentucky when it's not Derby season

Usually, the first thought to mind when you mention Kentucky is the Derby. Or, in the case of Guatemala, Kentucky Fried Chicken? But, once the Derby has passed, to an extent, Kentucky slips back into oblivion. Occasionally throughout the year the state comes back on the nation’s radar with it’s college sports. But, don’t overlook Kentucky throughout the rest of the year. There are so many other things to do in Kentucky when it’s not Derby season.

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Exploring St. James Art Fair

Exploring St. James art fair in Old Louisville

Fall in Kentucky brings many exciting things: the crisp fall air, football season, a kaleidoscope of color when the leaves change and one of the largest art fairs in the United States. During my visit to Louisville, Kentucky, I spent an afternoon exploring St. James Art Fair.

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Ways to Give Back in Washington DC

DC Homelessness

Washington DC is a city of extremes. There is high wealth and power alongside poverty. Officially, 19% of Washingtonians live below the poverty line. DC also takes the title of the most expensive city to live. DC has the highest use of food stamp percentage in the United States. 30.5 %of homes with children are unable to provide enough food. This ranks 2nd highest in the nation.

Substance abuse, poverty and violent crime are examples of some of the wide range of interrelated health issues occurring in DC. The city ranks 21st in the country for perscription drug overdose mortality rates. DC’s problems with heroin, crack and cocaine have been well documented as well. 2015 brought a spike in murders, the highest since 2008. Whether living or visiting DC, it is important to give back to those less fortunate and contribute to the solutions of issues the city faces. Every time I am in DC, I make it a priority to volunteer with the organizations that are working to alleviate the issues.

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Things You Probably Never Knew About DC

Senate Chamber

Washington DC is one of the most visited cities in the United States. Thousands of articles are written about what to do and see in Washington DC. There are stories on DC’s history and secrets. But, the city still has a shroud of mystery, especially Congress. How much do you really know about the city and the Congress that operates there? I’m sharing my insider knowledge on things you probably never knew about DC.

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A Local Guide to Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a must visit city. But, what if you’ve already visited the tourist track before? Or what if you hate the ‘tourist trap’ visits to famous cities? Washington, DC has so much to offer that you can keep coming back time and again and experience a new feel to the city. While I’ve already offered my stops when visiting as a tourist, here is my local guide to Washington, DC. I share with you my tips, tricks and favorite hangouts.

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To the Land of the Monuments – Washington DC

The US Capitol, a Washington DC staple

Washington DC: where politicos play, tourists wander and everyone is in a rush to somewhere. Serve to Travel heads back to the (2nd) homeland to re-visit memories of living and visiting in Washington DC. As a former Washingtonian, I will always come back to this city, traveling as a local… and sometimes as a tourist.

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Loss of the Chichicastenango Market

Chichicastenango Market bags

The Chichicastenango Market

The Chichicastenango market is one the largest and most well known markets in Guatemala. The town is nestled in the Mayan highlands in the department (or state) of Quiché. It is usually on every traveler’s list of places to visit when in Guatemala. Shuttles and guides provide weekly visits to the Mayan community to see the market. On market days (Thursday and Sunday) vendors line the main square to sell their goods.

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