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Loss of the Chichicastenango Market

Chichicastenango Market bags

The Chichicastenango Market

The Chichicastenango market is one the largest and most well known markets in Guatemala. The town is nestled in the Mayan highlands in the department (or state) of Quiché. It is usually on every traveler’s list of places to visit when in Guatemala. Shuttles and guides provide weekly visits to the Mayan community to see the market. On market days (Thursday and Sunday) vendors line the main square to sell their goods.

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Celebrating Mentoring in Guatemala


Growing up, I never really realized the impact that mentoring makes in the lives of kids. It wasn’t until I came to Guatemala that first time that I saw how important positive role models are. The country is filled with a great beauty but also great need. Currently less than 50% of the population is above the age of 18 and violence is common.

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What to do in Guatemala City – A Local’s Guide


Guatemala is usually on most people’s travel list, one way or another. The country has beautiful views and places to visit, whether you decide to travel on a budget or high-end.  Yet, once most people land in Guatemala City, they take the first mode of transportation out. Either coming as volunteers or tourists, few people actually spend time exploring the treasures of Guatemala City. But, why? There is so much to do in Guatemala City.

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10 Things to Know to Volunteer Like a Pro

Volunteering internationally is a rewarding experience: you experience other cultures, expand your views on the world and have the potential to positively impact people in need. But there is a stark difference between positive and negative volunteering. Before you take off to volunteer internationally, whether it be teaching, helping at a camp or giving medical care, there are certain things you should know before going in order to volunteer like a pro and make the greatest impact:
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Evolution of the Blog

I first started a blog with big ambitions almost two years ago. I was getting ready to move to Guatemala to volunteer with a nonprofit with no end date in sight. I wanted to share with all my supporters, friends and family what I was doing. I had visions of posting cool adventures and all the awesome visits with kids. Continue reading

Hot and Steamy with a Main Course of Heartbreak


So, I’m super behind with sharing details from the girls camp…. sorry about that.

Background, this is my 4th youth camp with Champions in Action. Every summer, we host youth soccer camps for our boys and girls programs. Our mentorship program is a 1-year program that is kicked off by a week at a retreat center on the eastern coast of Guatemala, 6 hours from the capital. Camp initiates the bond between youth and mentor and allows us to ‘break down’ the kids in order to build them back up. The vast majority of the kids come to us hardened and with so much anger and hate in their hearts. In order to be successful, we need to dig in, open the wounds and build each of them back up.
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A 180 Flip

A lot of people ask my why I do what I do. Why did I leave the US to move to a 3rd world country? Why did I leave a nice job in the Senate to go work in an area that is unpredictable and sometimes dangerous? Sometimes it’s hard to put into words why I do what I do… and then it’s not.

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Glitz….With a Mission

Jack Brewer Foundation

Last night I was invited to the US Ambassador to Guatemala’s residence for a reception with the Jack Brewer Foundation Global Ambassadors and others who work with at-risk youth using sports intervention.

I have been working alongside an organization, Champions in Action, that utilizes the nation’s love of soccer to work with at-risk youth and connect them with mentors who in turn are able to invest in the lives of the youth. In the past we have worked with the US embassy on several occasions. They support our vision of change through sports and have helped us in the past to host clinics with current and former soccer coaches and athletes.

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