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What They Don’t Tell You About Long-Term Volunteering

Volunteering abroad long-term is an amazing experience. You gain the opportunity to travel abroad, experience new cultures, learn new languages and push your personal boundaries. In volunteering abroad, you’re able to use your skills to make a difference in the world. You make memories and friendships that will last with you for a lifetime. There are so many reasons to go abroad to volunteer long-term (but that’s a post for another day). But, there are some things they don’t tell you about long-term volunteering. And, as someone who went abroad to work with non-profits, I wish there is a more honest conversation about the positives and negatives of volunteering abroad. Continue reading

A Local Guide to Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a must visit city. But, what if you’ve already visited the tourist track before? Or what if you hate the ‘tourist trap’ visits to famous cities? Washington, DC has so much to offer that you can keep coming back time and again and experience a new feel to the city. While I’ve already offered my stops when visiting as a tourist, here is my local guide to Washington, DC. I share with you my tips, tricks and favorite hangouts.

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How to Pick a Good Non-Profit to Volunteer With

volunteers and youth sharing a meal

Knowing how to pick a good non-profit to volunteer with can be tough. There are so many non-profit organizations in developing countries doing (seemingly) a lot of good. But, how do you know if they are truly making a strong impact on the community? Once you know some of the key things to spot, the good non-profits will start sticking out to you.

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What to do in Guatemala City – A Local’s Guide


Guatemala is usually on most people’s travel list, one way or another. The country has beautiful views and places to visit, whether you decide to travel on a budget or high-end.  Yet, once most people land in Guatemala City, they take the first mode of transportation out. Either coming as volunteers or tourists, few people actually spend time exploring the treasures of Guatemala City. But, why? There is so much to do in Guatemala City.

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10 Things to Know to Volunteer Like a Pro

Volunteering internationally is a rewarding experience: you experience other cultures, expand your views on the world and have the potential to positively impact people in need. But there is a stark difference between positive and negative volunteering. Before you take off to volunteer internationally, whether it be teaching, helping at a camp or giving medical care, there are certain things you should know before going in order to volunteer like a pro and make the greatest impact:
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